Friday, July 30, 2004

July 10 - 14 - Paris

After a good night sleep on the plane (8 + hours flying), we finally got to Paris Charles De Gaulle airport. I had contacted a taxi service to pick us up, but it turned out we were on the opposite part of where we were going to be picked up. We had to walk for at least an hour to get there. When we finally did, the taxi wasn't there. Dad went outside to wait for the guy, but after an hour he began to get impatient. He hadn't noticed a van parked right in front of him. I had, but didn't see the name on the side. When I went out to check on him, I realized the guy had been there for more than an hour waiting for us! The driver turned out to be a Physics student who taxied on his free time. Very nice, but drove like crazy! Mom shouted "Lady Di" as he was speeding on the highway while talking to us.
The hotel was very nice (Courtyard at Neuilly Sur Seine).
Like every tourist, we visited the Eiffel Tower (I personally got up to the last floor. A great view of Paris), L'Arc De Triomphe, Montparnasse, Notredame Cathedral, Les Invalides (Napoleon´s tomb. Who would've thought that a small guy could have such a big tomb!), Latin Quarters, The Louvre Museum (since I'd read "The DaVinci Code", I checked out all the sights. Oh, the Mona Lisa!), Les Champs Elysees, la Place de la Concorde, took a boat tour on the Seine River, the Opera... the works.
One night we went to see the show at Moluin Rouge. We had made reservations at the hotel, and when we got there there was a line at least half a mile long of people waiting to get inside. We were going to ask one of the persons that worked there where we could go to get in line since we had prior reservations, but apparently the guy confused us with someone. He hugged my mom, gave her kisses and told us to come with him. Like royalty, we went by everyone that was in line and went straight in to a waiting room, near the entrance. When it was time, another guy came to get us and let us in. We were the first ones in and got the best seat in the house! Hurray!
One day we decided to take the train to Versailles Palace. Obviously, we got lost on the subway and when we finally got to the right station, while getting on the train a guy slipped between dad and me and opened my purse, snatching my camera. I immediately noticed and confronted him. He simply ignored me. I told him in english, french and spanish to keep the camera but give me the chip back (I had taken around 200 pictures), but had no luck. I finally decided to let it go (there was no cop around).
French bagguettes are hard!
Loved Paris!

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