Thursday, July 08, 2004

One more digit.

I remember this Seinfeld episode where Elaine was bitchin' about having to dial 1 to call her home. It was when one digit was added to Manhattan's area code (212), because there were many phones on the area and lines were scarce.
While driving to work this morning, Teo Veras (the host of "Teo Veras en la Mañana", the radio show I listen to every morning) said that apparently this was going to happen here. It seems that there are too many phones in the DR and telecom companies will have to add another digit to our area code (809), which we will be forced to dial. So, if for example I want to call home, I'll have to dial (809) xxx-xxxx (thought I was going to give you the number???).


Xerxes said...

Yeah alot of places are doing it. This might happen not because of the amount of number they have like the case in NYC but also because Verison is trying to be the same everywhere. So in order to do this they make chanes where they are not needed yet.