Friday, August 06, 2004

Another one?

I guess he doesn't learn from experience.
Mejia inaugurates unfinished housing.
President Hipolito Mejia continued his frantic string of inaugurations, yesterday, at the public housing project at San Luis in the province of Santo Domingo. There, the President heard the complaints from the project’s new residents that the houses were incomplete as they lacked windows, doors and bathroom fixtures. El Caribe reporter Roberto Valenzuela wrote that the houses were still under construction even as the President was handing out the keys to the installations. Ironically, many of the houses didn’t have any doors for the keys. As the ceremonies were going on, dozens of workers continued their labor on the homes. As the President toured the Jose Francisco Pena Gomez Project, he listened to cries of “Take him (Mejia) down there, the houses are a disaster!” and “Mr. President, you are neither blind nor deaf, see for yourself, the houses are not finished!” Others called out that the INVI (the housing authority that built the project) had tricked the President. Besides the San Luis development, the President inaugurated others that were built for those displaced during Hurricane Georges (1998), who have been residing in barracks-style quarters since the disaster. The new housing projects were said to have cost over RD$1 billion.
Luckily this time his wasn't greeted with stones.