Monday, August 09, 2004

Former VP Peynado dies in Miami

After a long battle with colon cancer, former Vice President Jacinto Peynado died yesterday morning at Miami’s Mount Sinai Hospital, with his wife Margarita and son Manuel at his side. The 63-year-old Peynado was descended from a long line of politicians, becoming a prominent member of the PRSC party and serving as senator for Santo Domingo from 1986 to 1994. He was elected Vice President along with Joaquin Balaguer in 1994, a year when electoral outcome dispute cut short the Balaguer administration to two years. With Balaguer ineligible to run again, Peynado carried the ticket in 1996, but was sideswiped by a “patriotic pact” engineered by Balaguer to keep Jose Francisco Pena Gomez from winning and putting Leonel Fernandez in the Presidential office. Ever loyal, Peynado was Balaguer’s running mate again in 2000, but the party finished in third place. In 2003, Peynado had aspired to the PRSC presidential candidacy, losing out to former Santiago Senator Eduardo Estrella. Peynado refused to support Estrella, citing grandscale fraud in the PRSC primary. While convalescing in Florida, he was courted for many months by Estrella and opposition party presidential candidates Hipolito Mejia (PRD) and Leonel Fernandez (PLD). In the end, Peynado chose to endorse to the candidacy of Leonel Fernandez. Peynado was the grandson of former President Jacinto Peynado (1938-1940) and the grand-nephew of Francisco J Peynado, who authored part of the Hughes-Peynado Treaty that ended the American occupation of the Dominican Republic in 1924. He is survived by his wife Margarita and children Angela Miguelina, Laura, Jacinto and Manuel.
May he rest in peace.