Saturday, August 21, 2004

Life is s__t

This week's theory.
We eat s__t.
The animals we eat are fed with grass. Grass grows better when treated with manure (s__t). Therefore, we eat s__t.
If you don't eat meat, you must eat vegetables. Again treated with manure. We eat s__t.
Moreover, animals and plants need water to survive. When we flush the toilet, all of that goes to seas and rivers (or treatment plants). There it evaporates and goes up to the atmosphere. It forms clouds, which in return make rain. Rain falls and wets the plants (which we eat) and serves as water for the animals (which we eat) and for us. We eat s__t.
When we die, we are eaten by bugs. They defecate us. We are s__t.
Wonder what happens in your bathroom when you flush the toilet? All the little s__t particles fly from the toilet and end up in everything you have lying around: comb, clothes, towels... TOOTH BRUSH...
We are definitely s__t...
(Yes, I know I am in a very gloomy mood. Sorry, can't help it.)