Monday, August 16, 2004

Movie Weekend

Since this was a long weekend, I rented some movies. Some of them good, some of them bad, but between the local celebrations and the blackouts I had a very fun and relaxing weekend. Here's what I saw:

The Butterfly Effect
I really liked this movie. It had something to do with Ashton Kutcher starting in it and the fact that I love the whole time-travelling idea.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Man! Lindsay Lohan has really grown up! I remember her as a brat (or two?) in that "Parent Trap" remake. I love chick flicks, but I think this was a weird movie (don't ask me why, I just had that feeling).

Stuck on You
Put Matt Damon and Gerg Kinear in a film and what do you get? A box office hit? Nope. Not this time. It was fun to watch, but it got slow in some parts.

Le Divorce
I thought I was going to see a chick flick that would make me forget all about stress and blackouts, but it turned out to be something else. I just didn't get the whole idea of the movie. Romantic comedy? Where's the comedy? It did hit something in me though, but I guess it was just because I was recently in Paris.

The Haunted Mansion
I'm sorry, but I'm a sucker for all things Disney and CGI, so I have to say I had a great time watching this film. I've been to both rides (LA's Disneyland and Orlando's Disney World's) and I loved to see the story behind all of it. Beware, though. It's not that much of a kid's film. I wanted my 7-year-old niece Camila to watch it with me, but thank God she had to have dinner. Those special effects were too strong for her. Her mom as not a fan of nightmares, and she was sure going to get some.