Tuesday, August 10, 2004

A religious golf joke.

I know it is bad, but has has lightened up my very busy day:
Moses, Jesus and an old man were playing golf. They get to a particularly difficult hole, with a lake in the middle. Moses comes up and hits the ball, which falls straight into the lake and sinks to the bottom. Moses then walks to the lake and raises his golf club, parting the waters in the lake in half. He then walks towards the ball and with a single hit manages to get the ball to the green. With another shot, he scores. People cheer wildly for him. Then Jesus comes forward and hits. The ball flies again towards the lake, but freezes just on top of the water. Jesus walks towards the lake and, walking on top of the water, hits it straight to the hole. People cheer even more for Jesus. Last but not least, the old man steps up and hits the ball which, as you might guess, goes straight into the bottom of the lake. Suddenly, a fish comes out of the water with the ball in its mouth and at that same time an eagle flies by and catches the fish in the air. The eagle flies away into the sky while a sudden black cloud appears, from which lightning comes down striking the eagle, killing it instantly. The eagle lets go of the fish, the fish lets go of the ball… and the ball falls straight into hole! People go crazy!! Everyone is congratulating the old man!! Making his way through the cheering crowd, Jesus comes close to him and says: “You overdid it, dad.”

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