Monday, August 30, 2004

True horror stories

Thursday night, a friend of my niece’s (and my ex-boss’ daughter) left a popular local club with a friend who offered her a ride home. She lives in one of the most expensive areas of the city, less than 20 meters from a police station. On their way home, they noticed they were being followed by a car. When she got home (were there is usually a security guard and again, less than 20 meters from a police station), while the electric door was opening, three heavily armed men dressed as cops approached them. They hit her friend on the head with a machine gun, leaving him unconscious on the sidewalk. The men jumped inside his SUV and took off with the girl inside. Around 10 blocks away, the stopped the vehicle and raped her. All three of them. After abusing her, they banged her up and left her naked in the middle of the street. She had to seek refuge in a nearby home and after calling her parents, she was immediately taken to the best hospital in town, where the ER doctor told her parents (who by the way are very important and powerful people in Dominican society) that she was the 5th girl this week that had arrived there under the same circumstances.
She’s just 15 years old.
It could have happened to me. I go to that club. I was out on the streets that night. I went by the club. It could have happened to my niece. She was there with her that night. My niece’s boyfriend is the girl’s best friend. He was going to take her home but decided to stay little longer.

A friend of mine was crossing the street with her 6 year old boy to get to a family oriented activity. A biker crashed into her, making her fly in the air and breaking her leg in various places (the bones went through her skin). She landed face down, hurting her face in many places. We presume he wanted to take her purse.

A co-worker left her house to pick up her mother. When she got home, thieves had broken into her place and taken everything they could carry with them. She was mugged 2 months ago while walking home. She had to be hospitalized because the muggers didn’t only snap her purse, but beat her in the head with some object.

A friend of a friend went to get in his car and noticed someone had burst his front wheels with nails. I don’t want to think what they wanted to do to him.

It would be perfect if we could erase certain things from our memory.
They will pay.
Justice will be done.