Friday, August 06, 2004

Voices from above.

Yesterday afternoon I was taking the elevator from the third to the second floor (yes, I know, I'm lazy). Just when it got to the second floor, I was startled by a noise that sounded to me as a speaker going online. Take into consideration that this elevator does not have any music and that I was alone inside the elevator, so try to picture my face as I started to look around. Suddenly a voice out of nowhere asked "Hello? Is anybody in there?" The door opened while I started to say "Yes..." and proceded to go outside. "Wait" said the voice. "Are the doors open?" "Uh, yeah, they are..." was my response. "In which floor are you?" he continued. "I'm getting out on the second floor. The doors are open and I'm leaving now. Bye!" was my final answer (Regis? Are you there?). I don't know what was the point of the unusual conversation, but I just hope that if the Lord ever chooses to talk to me, I wish he'd rather not do it using the elevator's PA system.