Friday, September 17, 2004


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My mom comes from the rural town of Arenoso (roughly translated would be named "Sandy"). My uncle still lives there and he battled through Hurricane Jeanne last night. The Yuna river runs about 30 meters in front of my uncle's house, and it is fairly normal that when there is much rain the river floods.
My aunt spoke to my uncle at around 6 o'clock this morning, and he told her they thought they were going to die last night. He hadn't been able to get out from his house yet (his is one of the few cement and blocks houses in town, the rest are made of wood and zinc), and they had been badly beatten by wind and rain. He thought many houses had been lost and possibly even lives. Oddly, he still had phone service. We are supposed to call later to find out what happened.
All this and the river hadn't flooded yet, but the Camu river, which flows to the Yuna, has already flooded, so it is just a matter of time 'till the Yuna floods.
God help them.