Tuesday, September 14, 2004

New shows...

Father of the Pride.
I love toons. I love CGI. I love animals. I loved Las Vegas. I love magic. What else can I ask for? I don't know. I liked it, but it didn't kill me. I'll give it a shot.

Medical Investigation.
Jay Leno couldn't have said it better: NBC's CSI. I loved it.

It's good. It's goood. Ivan Sergei is such a cutie!!!

It always happens. The magic disappears when the group is broken. Sorry, Joe. Your show just didn't cut it for me. Your sister, boring; your nephew, a momma's boy; your neighbor, dull. Please, do something to fix it. Anyways, I'll keep on watching for Friend's sake.

Jack & Bobby
Definitely a keeper. As Loli said, tears are going to be shed. The whole Kennedy-eske trama is going to keep me hooked to WB after Charmed.

A must see! Heather Locklear looks 25 and Blair Underwwod couldn't be hotter! Sparks are going to fly!