Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Boquechivo presidente!

From DR1.com:
Harold Priego, the political cartoonist who imbues his characters with what everyone thinks but dares not say, announced that his popular Boquechivo cartoon character will be made into a movie titled "Boquechivo, Presidente." The film will be released in time for the 2006 congressional and municipal elections, he told Diario Libre, the newspaper in which his daily cartoons appear. Angel Munoz, of "Perico Ripiao" and "Nueba Yol" fame, will direct the production. Munoz explained that the Boquechivo film will not be about Dominican political parties, but will represent a prototype of any Latin American government. The plot will deal with how they take the protagonist, a totally anodyne candidate for the presidency, to success on the wings of "the investors," who are the villains of the movie. Boquechivo was created by Harold Priego and Rafael Molina Morillo when the latter was the director of the Listin Diario. When the Central Bank intervened in the Listin Diario last year, the newspaper chose to discontinue the daily cartoons, which were often subtly and sometimes blatantly critical of the government. The cartoon then was hosted by the free newspaper, Diario Libre that has a circulation larger than the Listin Diario.
He has my vote!