Friday, October 15, 2004

E! Online News - Eminem Video Irks Jackson

I am no fan of Eminem's. I find most of his music full of hatred and violence. I agree he's cute (yes Loli, Marshall Mathers is cute. There. I admitted it), but he's got no right to disrespect and mock others and make money out of it. EXCEPT when it is something like this.
Wacko, you've said that you like to have kids sleep in your bed. You've said there's nothing wrong in it. The kids in Eminem's video are just bouncing around, having some fun. There's nothing wrong with that!
I don't know if Wacko is guilty or not. He might be weird (VERY) and it is not normal for a 45 year old to rather hang around with teenagers and "sleep" with them than with people his own age, even if you're still a kid at heart.
What did you expect, Wacko?
I found the nose part very funny. Sorry! I forgot Wacko has only had 3 surgeries to "correct a breathing problem" with his note. AS IF!
Anyways, judge for yourselves. Scroll down to the end of the page and check out Eminem's video...