Wednesday, October 13, 2004


When I was a kid my parents introduced me to baseball. They used to take me to the Estadio Quisqueya to watch the games, usually between Licey and Aguilas, (Dad, Fabio and Judith are Liceistas and Mom, Chachi and me are Aguiluchos). Mom even taught me how to keep score using a system she used as a kid.
Since Tony Peña used to play with the Pirates, I used to be a Pirates fan way back then. Then I vouched for the Dodgers, Yankees, Braves, Expos, Mets, Cubs, etc. Now, I follow the games where dominicans play (almost all of them).
Right now, my heart is torn:
A-Rod = Yankees
Pedro Martínez = Red Sox
I don't know what to do!!!!!!!!
Update!: My name is Bracuta, and I am a proud Dominican.
Thank you A-Rod for clearing things up in my mind.
Go Boston!!!!!



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