Friday, November 05, 2004

El Dominicano en 40 años

El Dominicano en 40 años

Este Boquechivo se las trae....
Tu chi chabe!


Anonymous said...

Allow me to dissent on your projection on the forthcoming image of the "Dominicano".
I think you've being too enthusiastically optimistic. The current average Dominican is already in such depraved conditions downward sloping. The rest of the Dominican, which are those who have a job, live outside DR, or are the sons/daughters of Papi and Mami are in the upward sloping curve of the Fat condition, where health is being substituted by fast food, alcohol and drugs consumption. The third world riches of the DR can now go have themselves a liposuction to extend their external beauty, leaving the inside casket with the decayed worms of inadequacies.

Sincerely yours