Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Originally uploaded by Bracuta.

Ever since Summer I'd been having problems with my jeep-pote's driver side window. It was slowly going down and usually got stuck on the way up. Tí­pica dominicana, I let time go by without fixing it (maybe because I thought it would magically fix itself?), but on Saturday night it finally gave up and wouldn't go up. The guys at Dominican Glass Repair pulled it up (para que los ladrones no hicieran su agosto conmigo, aunque se bajaba con una mano) and fixed it yesterday morning.
I started fixing it myself (claro, yo me creo mecánica), but after getting silicone all over my hands, decided to let the pros do it.

P.S. ¿Que les pareció mi post en spanglish?


Anonymous said...

Oh Bracuta, cómo te pones a eso de arreglar tu misma el vidrio del carro? I have gotten to know que eres racing, pero no le quites el moro a la gente de Dominican Glass Repair!!! :P