Monday, February 21, 2005

Holy S...! Lucia Mendez just pulled a Janet Jackson at the Casandras!

I kept on looking for Justin Timberlake, but I couldn't find him, so that's how I got convinced I wasn't looking at last year's Super Bowl's halftime show.
Lucia's left boob was live on local TV! No, no piercing, but I'm possitive a doctor was there....
Girl, you've got to learn when to say "When" when you plastic surgeon asks you to. Look at what hapened to Michael Jackson when he didn't...
Some look just like completely different people, starting with you, Lucia.

Update: Sabía que Remo no me iba a defraudar y que iba a conseguir fotos del suceso.
Click here to see photos of Lucía/Janet Méndez/Jackson