Friday, February 25, 2005

I can feel what you're feeling

From Jen Garrett's Blog:
"This quote in particular got me: "But you know how sometimes when bad things happen to you, and all of a sudden you just tell a stranger? And then you feel so empty afterwards, like you're selling pieces of yourself that are important to you? I found it's dangerous to be exhibitionist about those things, because it cheapens it if you'll give it to anyone. The difficult things in people's lives usually end up being the most meaningful.""

From Erin's Blog
"Does anybody else ever go through this? You want to just let loose and post about all that is bugging you or that is making you totally happy but then you think of the people you know in 3-d that read you and you start to bog yourself down in how they might react. I am getting kind of tired of censoring myself, especially on my blog, but really I don't want to have to have six conversations that will be "I didn't know [insert blogged about situation here] was [happening/being thought about/bugging you/being done to you/being done by you, etc etc etc]! Tell me everything right now!""


Reda said...

La misma cuestion por aqui. Pero a uno ta bueno que le pase. quien nos manda?