Friday, February 11, 2005

It’s official: I have no social life whatsoever

So last night I came home after going to the gym and checked my email, something I hadn’t done since last Sunday. For all you people that sent me messages, I’m sorry I didn’t answer before, I haven’t had much free time this week.
I took a bath and started my Thursday ritual: watching Joey, Will & Grace, CSI and ER and recording Without a Trace. My plan was to watch a part of ER and then record the rest, since I wanted to go to Alex Ferreira’s concert at 8 Puertas.
Every day this week I’ve been in my PJ’s as early as 8 o’clock (exercising is killing me) and at bed by 10 or 11, but I had promised myself that yesterday I was going to go out. As usual, my mind wants to do things that my body rejects: I was sound asleep by 11 o’clock. I woke up disoriented around 1:50 a.m., just in time to record ER on NBC West.
I didn’t even give me parents their usual good nigh kiss.
I’m sorry I missed your concert, Alex! I promise I’ll go to the next one (if my body lets me)….