Thursday, February 10, 2005

Me duelen hasta las pestañas

Bracuta: 3; Fat: 0
I hate exercising. No, honestly, I hate it. I’d rather be at home watching TV or hanging out with my friends, but there are some sacrifices one has to make in order to feel good about themselves.
I hate exercising.
I take my gym bag with me every afternoon just in case I decide I won’t go down to my car to get it (I might do that as an excuse not to exercise).
I hate exercising.
Rosita makes me call her every afternoon when I hop on the treadmill, just to make sure I’m following up with my commitment to loose half of my self.
I hate exercising.
I hate messing up my hair, I hate sweating (and I sweat like a pig). I hate walking for 1 hour to go nowhere, staring at people exercising when there’s nothing good on TV. I hate it when people stare at me while I’m sweating my a… off. I hate wasting months of sweat just to loose a couple of pounds and regain them again.
I hate exercising.
I think by now you can tell I hate exercising.
Because of my back injury and my ankle; I can’t lift weights or do power pacers or all those others classes they have at the gym. Annush, I can’t even go on the elliptical ‘cause it hurts my back. My hair is a mess. My legs hurt. My back hurts. My feet hurt.
I just want all of this to be over.
Why doesn’t anyone invent a little weight-loss pill?
I hate exercising.
“Es usted de las personas que les gusta estacionar su carro cerca del elevador?”
Yes, I am.
I hate exercising.
I think I vented enough already.
Please Lord, give me the strength to keep on exercising. You know I need to loose weight. My back can’t stand my roundness any more.
And neither does my self esteem…..


Reda said...

Bracuta, Atkins is the solution. Yo tambien estuve en contra de la jodida dieta esa, pero carajo, ver que mi novio ha perdido 65 libras en 6 meses es mas que estimulante!! el malvado todavia no ha querido ir al gym, a pesar de tambien tener un año dandole cuarto a "Juan Jose BodyShop".

El se atiende con el Dr. Casimiro Velazco (809)565-4004
y no es Atkins, full full, es una version del doctor que le ha funcionado muy bien a mi media guayaba.

Bracuta said...

Been there, done that. Lo unico que he ganado han sido mas libras.... Estoy al borde de la desesperacion!

Reda said...

hmmm...contar calorias sera! no pasarte de las 2,000. pasar hambre. Ve tu aver, cuando inventen la transferencia de libras, te voy a buscar, yo estoy bajopeso. super flaca, y por mas que como no lo logro, parezco un bacalao.

*por cierto, que coooool el nuevo comment engine de blogger.

annush said...

Atkins sucks.
I know what you are going through. BELIEVE ME! Send me your email address and I'll send you all the stuff (tips/pointers/calory counts/plans, etc) I put together while I was dieting. I lost the weight I lost (which was A LOT) about 3 years ago (no Atkins or South Beack or Scarsdale...a realistic diet), and I've been thin (and healthy) ever since.

As for calory counting and eating 2,000 calories a day, NO. In order to loose weight you should eat between 1,200-1,400 (even with exercise). That should make you loose about 2 pounds a week.

Reda said...

"It Sucks but it Works", and it sucks porque es una dieta realmente dura de llevar y para la que hay que tener mas disciplina que el diab... and it sucks porque si no te tomas tus vitaminas y no la estas llevando con medico la dieta te puedes desnutrir.

Thats why it sucks.

annush said...

It sucks because even if you manage to loose the weight, in less than a year after you go back to normal, regular eating habits you will have at least 50% of the weight you lost back. It's documented. It's true.