Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Si lo hubiéramos sabido

From our friends at DR1:

"Traffic warning for 24 hours.
For motorists traveling in and around Santo Domingo the area near the Plaza de la Bandera (the huge arch that flies the equally large Dominican Flag) will be off limits for all day and tonight today 23 February. The detours will affect large stretches of 27 of February Avenue, Luperon Avenue and the entire Plaza. The government will mobilize 15,000 students for ceremonies designed to create more respect for the national flag. The AMET has assigned 50 agents throughout the area, so please be careful if you are driving in that area. El Caribe newspaper reports that the leaders of the three largest transport syndicates had not been notified, as verified by El Caribe reporters. An estimated 2,000 buses and cars use these avenues to move people about Santo Domingo. "
Of all days, I had to take Luperón Avenue this morning to go to a client's office. It took me almost 2 hours to get there.
I read the newspapers this morning, but it seems I missed this part...


Dgrasiaiiita said...

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