Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I think it's going to be one of those days...

Yesterday I was so tired I fell asleep around 9:30 p.m. I woke up around 2:00 a.m., took a shower and kissed my parents good night. I didn't have a whole night's sleep; for some reason I kept on waking up every half hour or so, as if I were nervous about something.
Anyways, I got out of bed around 7:50 and kissed my parents good morning. I gave my mom a big hug since it's her birthday and then took the newspapers from her (I always leave her in the middle of an article every morning with the excuse that I leave for the office and she stays home, so she has more time than me to read them). I asked Carmen to bring me my breakfast and proceeded to read El Dia and El Diario Libre while listening to Robin Meade on the TV.
After reading the papers and having breakfast I went to the bathroom to get a shower. I was thinking about Mariu and how she's been sick for the past few weeks. A while ago doctors diagnosed her with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, something local doctors hadn't been able to discover. She had spent the last 5 years suffering from sudden drops in blood pressure and she kept on fainting all the time. Local doctors said she had diabetes, but after medicating her the symptoms just kept getting worse until finally my brother and my sister in law decided to take her to Ohio, where my mom's sister and her family lives. My uncle and cousin are very respected doctors over there, so we were sure she was getting the best help available. After more than a month, they finally discovered she was suffering from this syndrome and medicated her. The doctor told her it was going to be a few years before she would get back to normal, but that she would start feeling better as time went on.
Apparently, the medication has been affecting her digestive system and she's now suffering from gastritis. Today she is undergoing a colonoscopy to see what wrong with her insides.
As you can imagine, I'm very worried about her.
Aside from that, yesterday I went to see my grandmother (she lives in the same building I do, on the 3rd floor, with my aunt). Honestly, I didn't like the way she looked. She's not getting any better and things are just going downhill. I don't know what's going to happen to her.

Broken Glasses
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As all these thoughts were going thru my mind, I took my glasses off to get in the shower. As I was holding them in my hands, they suddenly broke in two pieces, precisely where they hold the lenses. Well, I'm not blind as a bat, but I certainly can't see without them. After moving up my daily schedule, I called the office and told them I was going to get in late 'cause I had to get a new pair of glasses ASAP.
After I got there, I had to get a checkup on my sight (it had been more than 2 years since the last one). I went into the doctor's office and sat down in that special chair they have with the big machinery attached to it.
After struggling with it for a while, the doctor couldn't get it to work, so we had to proceed with the exam the old fashioned way.
Almost an hour later I left with the promise that my glasses were going to be ready for this afternoon.
My head was starting to ache because I have to wink a lot in order to see anything...
I was driving up Lincoln Avenue heading for the office. Since I couldn't see, I was not driving very fast, but at a logical speed. Suddenly, apparently the chick that was driving the white Toyota RAV4 to my left decided to make my day, so she veered towards me (I was in the middle lane). I had to make a strong right in order to keep our suv's from kissing and got very pissed when I saw her picking up her cellphone, not aware that she had just put ourselves in the straight road to an accident.

The pebble
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I kept on driving (after wishing her mother a couple of things), and I saw in my rearview mirror that a red Ford F150 was driving too close to me. I had my window down (don't ask me why), so I could clearly see it. Just as he was driving past me, apparently his wheels caught a little rock in the middle of the street and sent it my way. I felt it cross straight in front of me (I couldn't see it, of course), hit the passenger side door and land on the passenger seat. Now, if I'd had my window up, it would've certainly broken it, so I guess it was just pure luck I had rolled it down just a few seconds before to vent my road rage. Needless to say, I can barely see. Right now my head is pounding and I'm 1 inch away from the computer monitor in order to write this. I don't think I'll be able to do much work today...
And it's not even noon yet...


annush said...

this is why you need to keep either an extra pair of glasses or contacts handy!
In the meantime though, take some advil...hope you feel better!