Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Terri Schiavo's Blog

Now, this is just plain mean.
I don't know about you guys, but I believe the Lord is the only one who can give and take life.
If her husband just wants to marry his girlfriend and the mother of his 2 kids, he should just divorce Terri and give her back to the people who really care about her.
It's barbaric to starve someone to death just because they're sick.


annush said...

I think it's barbaric to keep someone alive under those conditions particularly if they had expressed their desire to not be kept alive if it came to this. I think that the husband is getting a bad rep because he is trying to do the right thing. If he just wanted to marry his girlfriend, he wouldn't have put himself through all this.
This is a really sensitive topic, particularly for religious people, but I think that quality of life has more to do with the kind of life you can live and that's more valuable than length of life.

Anonymous said...

I think the opinion that we might have should be irrelevant before the law. The only relevant opinions are of hers and her husband. That is what the law says, and it is irresponsible of the government to even try to get into business that its not its own.
If her husband says that she did not want to live like this, I honestly believe him, I don't see anyone wanting to live that kind of life.
I do have a lot of respect for people who think otherwise.