Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Good deed day

I consider myself a good citizen. Not a perfect one (I litter every once in a while, but only when there are no trash cans around), but not an average one either. If I see someone riding on their car with their door not quite closed, I lower my window and tell them so, and if someone needs my help in any way, I tend to help to the extent of my capacity.
Yesterday afternoon, while arriving at the office after my 21/2 hour-long lunch break, I saw a lady standing next to an SUV with it’s hood opened. I didn’t think about it twice (she was, after all, in the parking lot and with one of the security guards) and I asked her if she needed some help.
The SUV’s battery had gone dead and she needed help jump-starting it. She had the cables, so after attaching them by the book (I wouldn’t want to fry my baby’s electrical circuits), I helped her turn the vehicle on.
After giving her some advice as to what could be wrong with the vehicle, the battery, the generator and/or the alternator, I went up to my office, feeling pretty good about myself (I love being useful and helping people).
After work I had just left the office when I received a call from one of my co-workers. They all ride together to and from work and they had a flat tire on their way home. Their car was missing the tire jack and they wee wondering if I could help them out, which of course I did.
After helping them (and talking some pictures in the process), I headed home, feeling satisfied about being a good citizen and a better friend.