Tuesday, April 12, 2005

MSN Messenger for Mac

Mac users unite!
It is totally unfair that we Mac users don't have the same capabilities in Messenger as Windows user do.

We believe that mac users are being treated as Second Class Citizens, and this we think is wrong! What's worse is that they're being treated like this by their own fellow Mac Users who work at the Macintosh Business Unit.

There are tens of thousands of mac users out there who despirately look for access to the features that windows users take for granted on MSN Messenger. Windows users are backing them in this petition to see a newer version of MSN Messenger for Mac released with more features, better interoperability with the windows version and more integration with MSN like MSN Messenger 6.2 for windows.

Please sign the petition!
For more info, go here.


Anonymous said...

Por años los Picianos (PC) hemos tolerado la prepotencia de los "elejidos" e "iluminados" usuarios privilegiados de las Mac

No se trata de discriminación, esto es asunto de dinero, si ustedes quieren los beneficios del messenger, cómprense un clon de PC.

Ustedes hasta tenían un MACOS que hace años emulaba las PC.

Cuando en el mundo existan tantas Macs como hoy en día PC, entonces tendrán los beneficios que la economía de escala ofrece.

Los maquianos nos decían que si queríamos usar Photoshop, Quark u otro programa de gráficos, debíamos usar una Mac.

Time has come.

Keep your Mac as a nice beauty, stable machine.

We will keep on with our trash machines enjoying the messenger options



Bracuta said...

Dude, I'm sorry...
PC's suck....
Mac Rules!!!!