Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Parking your car in Gazcue

When I started practicing law, I hated going to Gazcue’s public office buildings. The reason is quite simple: there are no parking lots or spaces available. No matter at which time you arrive, you won’t find any place to park your car.
A couple of years ago the Central Bank opened a parking building, but since most or the spaces are assigned to their officers, there are few free spaces available.
Of you have to go to, let’s say, El Huacal, you have to park your car 3 or 4 blocks away and walk under the scorching sun, arriving smelly and sweaty to your destination. Furthermore, there’s the fact that crime is at it’s all-time high, so you run the risk of being mugged on the way or finding a blank space where you left your car when you get back.
Lately, I’ve been using my UNIBE’s parking permit, and though I still arrive sweaty to where I’m going and run the risk of being mugged, at least I know my baby will be waiting for me safe and sound when I get back.


Anonymous said...

una caminatita no mata a nadie, haha hi girl!

Anonymous said...

no te preocupe chica cuando este el metro no tendras que caminar tanto...jejeje

Anonymous said...

tu le puedes prestar ese permiso a genia?
quien es ya una dura haciendo comentarios?