Thursday, April 07, 2005

The person behind the blog

After a bumpy start, I have recently been chatting with a fellow blogger over MSN messenger. We've shared anecdotes and talked about a lot of different stuff over the past few weeks. Please take into consideration I'm not a very outgoing person, so for me it is very hard to talk to someone I don't know, specially if I've never met that person before or if we just met casually. I have never entered chat rooms; it is impossible for me to start a conversation with a complete stranger, but somehow I managed to continually talk to this person, and felt comfortable about the fact that I had never met her.
Last weekend she got sick, and she hopped on a plane and came down to the DR to be with her family and get some local medical attention. We had been planning on meeting when she came down, but I never thought it would be so soon. Yesterday we made plans to grab some tea and finally meet in person.
While I was on my way to Bella Vista Mall's Caribbean Coffee, I was nervous. First because of my shyness and second because I wondered what this person would be like in the flesh. Our conversations online were very amusing, but I wondered if when we met face to face we would actually have something to talk about. Hell, I even wondered what her impression would be of me!
I don't know about her, but I had a great time last night. I felt as if I were talking to a long time friend, not some stranger from out of nowhere. We talked and talked and laughed and joked and not once that dreaded "silence" came. Time flew by and when I looked at my watch almost 2 hours had gone by!
I only have nice things to say about Ana. She is a great person and I really wish we could become friends.
I hope we get together again before you leave (and this time I will take a picture!).
In Humphrey Bogart's immortal words:
I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...


annush said...

I had a great time last night too... you will be seeing me again ;)