Monday, May 09, 2005

Group therapy

Saturday night I stayed home with Memo, as we usually do on Saturdays, and aside from having a big lunch with extended family (it was my cousin's wedding on Friday and a bunch of people from La Vega came by. Congrats Violeta María!), I spent the whole day playing C&C as I mentioned before.
Now yesterday night was a different thing. Around 10:30 p.m. a friend called me crying. This moron she was going out with made a big scene and insulted her in a public place. He even went as far as telling her to leave 'cause he didn't feel like seeing her and he was tired of her. A**HOLE! YOU DON'T F*****G DISS MY FRIEND LIKE THAT AND LIVE TO TELL ABOUT IT!
I'd had this conversation with her before. I had told her I didn't approve of her seeing him (for a whole bunch of reasons that are none of your beeswax), but that if she ever needed me she could count on me. Now, I don't know why we tell people that, It just makes them not come to us when they need us. After telling her off for waiting a whole day to tell me (it happened Saturday night), I told her I was going to pick her up and take bring her home so we could have a chat at Punta Paradisus.
I have this other male friend who recently broke up with his girlfriend. Ok, maybe he's not a friend. More like an ex-boyfriend. More like THE ex-boyfriend. The guy I was going to marry. The love of my life.
We have managed to, after a while, become really good friends. And when I say really good friends I mean it. I have no romantic interest in him whatsoever and I know he doesn't have it for me either. Besides, lately I've been his support for his girl troubles. He was really having bad time yesterday (he thinks his ex is seeing someone else) so when he called when I was picking up Rox, I told him to come over so I could hold group therapy.
I won't say what was discussed during therapy (that would be a breach to my Hippocratic Oath), but I believe that if you have to force someone to do something, either that person doesn't really want to do it or he just doesn't want to do it. Much more so in regards to love.
Hey, it's not that bad being single! I'd rather be single than in a relationship where the other party orders me to change so much in me that at the end that what would be left would not be me.
You could SO much better, hon! Trust me, you would...
And just so you know, Harry was very wrong. We actually can.
I love you guys!