Wednesday, May 18, 2005

How pathetic am I?

Last night I found myself watching the premiere of Britney and Kevin:Chaotic on UPN. I don't know why I ended up watching it (I think I was watching something else and that came after it or if I was flipping channel and received a phone call while doing so, and UPN was that channel that was left) but I can assure you I didn't do it on purpose.
Now, I love Britney Spears. She has some good songs, plus she reminds me of my niece, which is maybe why I found the show a little disturbing.
The good news: Britney has bad skin. She is not flawless. Good to know.
The bad news: Cletus, I mean, Kevin.
Britney honey, I really didn't want to know all your intimate details IN SUCH A DETAILED WAY. Good to know you had pre-marital sex whit Cletus, I mean, Kevin, but did you really have to gloat about this? Come on! You found it funny telling the whole world that just before a concert you had sex with Cletus (I give up, I can't call him Kevin) three times that day? And that you experienced, umm, satisfaction from it?
And what's that of filming him while in the shower?
And I felt spit coming out of the TV set while you were making out SO CLOSE to the camera I could even see your taste buds?
I don't know, but maybe UPN should move the show up an hour slot or two. It is certainly not the show I'd like a kid who is a Britney fan to see.
I know you're not a kid anymore, Brit, but I never thought you would turn out to be such a ...


Gabs said...

No puedo creer que se me olvido verlo!!! Aunque en realidad dbo admitir que mi unico proposito al verlo era burlarme sin piedad. Girl, you are giving Britney waaaaay too much credit if you were surprised by the skankiness and pointlessness of it all. It sounds like I would've gotten bored pretty quick if that's all it was.