Tuesday, May 10, 2005

It rubbed off

Yesterday Rosita and I went to the movies again (OMG! I'm in love with Vin Diesel all over again!). While on our way there, I told her about what I had told my parents at lunch. She was so touched she took her cell phone and called her mom and told her she loved her (her mom asked her what she wanted, and if everything was ok).
After the movie we stopped to have some doughnuts and I bought a couple to take home to my parents. So did she.
Later that night I spoke with a very good male friend. When the conversation was over, without him expecting it, I told him I loved him (in a friendly way, you pervs!). I caught him so off guard he just managed to say "thank you"...
This loving thing is really cool!


Jamie Dawn said...

Good for you, my friend. Keep spreading the love around, even if it shocks everyone.