Monday, May 09, 2005


Since last Friday was my first night out in a while, after the movie I wanted to have a couple of drinks and bond with Rox (we've known each other for 25 years, what more bonding can there be?). After a few rounds while driving around the city, we ended up at Steak House (our usual Friday night watering hole).
If you're easily offended or underage, please do not read beyond this point (yeah right!)
After saying hi to the usual faces, we sat down and got into talking. I don't know what was wrong with us that night, but I'm guessing maybe our hormones were out of place and the pheromone levels were high, and we started a dirty little talk about sex. Now, I won't go into details (you wish I would, don't you?), but not long after we sat down we were giggling like a couple of high school chicks while watching their first porn movie ever.
After a while, and apparently because we were having so much fun we were starting to draw the attention of others, a friend of ours approached us and sat on our table. When he asked what all the fun was all about, we told him the type of conversation we were having and he asked if he could join, to which we replied we didn't mind a man's input on the topic.
Eventhough it was kinda fun at the beginning, it really got to a weird place after a while.
The most I can say is the guy ended up hitting on me. And not in a very subtle way. I will not say the actual words or gestures, but believe you me, I never expected to hear those words from him. I didn't even know he had the hots for me, and while Rox told me she had known for a while, I was completely oblivious to the fact.
Enough about Friday night...
Lemme just say that I did not and will not hook up with that guy. Not a chance. Not in this lifetime. Not ever.
The night ended in a good way with people I enjoy hanging out with.