Friday, May 13, 2005

Y ahora, ¿quién podrá defenderme?

Rosita se fue a pasar el fin de semana en Miami (¿cómo viviremos los pobres?).
¿Y yo qué voy a hacer todo el fin de semana?
Pues claro.... ¡estar con mis demás amigas! (O jugar mucho C&C y chatear con gente, no estoy en mood de calle.)
I'll miss you Roxy Baby, but I know you need a time off from certain local morons...
Have fun in the sun!


Anonymous said...

Let's see I can understand, are you having a good end of the week? I'm I close? I took spanish for four years. PS thanks for you vote :)

Bracuta said...

The translation goes something like this:

"And now who will defend me?

Rosita went to Miami for the weekend (how do we poor people live?)
And what am I going to do this weekend?
But of course, be with my other friends! (Or play Lots of C&C and chat with people, I'm not in street mood)."

Rosita is one of my best friends. C&C is a computer game.

I always read your blog :-)