Saturday, June 04, 2005

Jamie Dawn's Mindless Blather: A Girl Called Moose

This post reminded me of when I was a kid in school. I too was a chubby kid and sometimes got teased because of that.
I used to have a crush on a classmate and he was the one who bullied me the most about my weight. Countless times I cried in the bathroom after sustaining a verbal bashing from him, but my mom always told me that people throw rocks at trees that give fruit, so that meant I had something he was jealous of.
A few years later in college I bumped into my crush. I had lost all the weight then and, let's face it, I was hot as hell!!! Meanwhile, he had gained all the weight I had lost plus a few hundred more pounds, had a very ugly beard and long hair. People used to call him "Freaky Jesus Christ"...
I never teased him about it 'cause I was the better person, but...
Woo hooo!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bracuta for this comment. I wont give much details but it is really great to know one is not alone, by the way I recently visit this blog and I loved it!