Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Knowing when to keep your mouth shut

I remember seeing something like this on an episode of My Wife and Kids, but it was definitely more funny in person.
Last night I went out with Rox. We saw "Guess Who" (I love Ashton Kutcher and Zoe Zaldaña is making us Dominicans proud!) and then we went out for a bite (yes, if I have to go to work while under recovery I might as well do fun things too!). While having a couple of sushi rolls at "Chow Ciao", we said hi to a guy we usually bump into Fridays at Steak House Cafe. Apparently Rosita had seen him the other day and this was the conversation that followed:
Rosita: "So, that chick the other day with you, was she your wife?"
Guy: "Yup, she's my wife"
R: "She seems nice! You must be so happy! When's the baby due?"
G: "Baby? What baby?"
R: "Well, isn't she pregnant?"
G: "She was.... she gave birth to our baby 7 months ago..."
R: "......"


Anonymous said...

How embarrasing!!!! pobresita

annush said...

*stick foot in mouth*

Ana's words of wisdom: unless you are certain that someone is pregnant, pretend they are not!!

Chelle said...

Uyyy... eso me acuerda una vez que pregunte a unos amigos recien casados, bueno, comence a preguntar... y luego pense AH! Stop! They haven't mentioned anything... en fin, ellos entendieron por que lo preguntaria, pero al final no entendi si estaba o no estaba... Uyyy.

De que te recuperas? Saludos a Rosita! (Ah, el jueves voy a estar en Outback con unos amigos desde las 6:30pm, si quieren cojan palla las 2!)

Anonymous said...

ok picture this..I think someone is pregnant and I say Congrats !they say for what? I say well for life!! she looks at me and says life?..I pretend that I am enjoying every moment of "life" and just congrat friends for it...specially those whom I think are pregnant and are not.....LOL