Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Where does the word "nerd" comes from?

"Dear Yahoo!:
Where does the word 'nerd' come from?
Houston, Texas
Dear Hector:
According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the word 'nerd' first appeared in print in Dr. Seuss' book 'If I Ran the Zoo' in 1950."

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Jamie Dawn said...

A nerd truly is considered a "dud." But, I think it's the duds that usually end up being the most successful in business, etc... Go nerds, go!
Hey, I'm in L.A. and will be flying home this afternoon. Courtney and I will be going through over 300 pics we took and I will choose several to post. It will be hard to choose which ones are most worthy! Please stop by and visit later tonight or tomorrow to see pictures from our wonderful trip.