Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Flat panel-less

It has been a week since my falt panel iMac has been in the shop. I remember because it was the same day my mom went into surgery.
I understand the first few couple of weeks. They were working on the external drive (4 days in a row, or so they tell me), but on Friday morning I told them to forget about the drive and just install the new system.
In the beginning I was told it would only take a couple of hours to do so, so I guessed that come Friday afternoon I would have my computer at home (to that effect, I bought myself 7 new computer games). I called at 5 o'clock, but the guy in charge was nowhere to be found, so I hoped on my car and drove all the way to Gazcue under some darn heavy rainfall (thanks to Emily). When I finally arrived (you can't believe the traffic jams I had to maneuver thru), the dude told me they hadn't been able to work on it. Since they don't work on Sundays, I had to wait 'till Monday to get it back. The guy promised be I would have it before noon.
Come Monday and I call at around 12:30 p.m. (he said noon, right). Another excuse. Some big company had problems and the technician had to go and fix it. I know there's no comparison between what they can make out of a big company and me, but the dude PROMISED I would have the machine before noon. They told me to call later that day, which I did to no avail. Another day flat panel-less.
I just called. Apparently they still haven't worked on it. I told the guy "look, you've had the computer for 1 week now. The owner of the store told me it would be fixed in less than 2 hours.. that says a lot about your customer support. I know mine is just a simple machine and your big company is more important then me, but don't I have preference due to the fact that I have been waiting 1 week for some easy stuff? I'm really disappointed in you guys and today at 5 o'clock I will leave my office and go pick up my computer so you'd better have it ready by then. If not, there will be hell to pay."
The guy offered me 100 excuses, but I told him I had been hearing excuses since last week and I was actually getting fed up with them.
Let's see how this all ends....


Anonymous said...

Bracuta, where do you buy mac games here in DR- or do you order them online? Curious

Bracuta said...

Well my anonymous friend, the last time I bought a mac game here in the DR was back in 1985.. je je je! Just kidding. I think it was in the 90's. Honestly.
See, there used to be a store at Plaza Andalucía a few years ago which, among others, sold a few mac games. Once every 5 years you can find a mac game at Samanel (only if it is hybrid), same thing in Carrefour. I don't know if Digital Four sells games and I think I've seen a few at Compusistemas, but they were very old.
Anyways, as for me I always buy them online. No hassle. You can go to Amazon.com, they have a wide variety of games (I think they actually have them all) at very good prices.
Check and see.
Hope I could help you...