Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mayhem in Bracutaland

My flat panel iMac had been asking for an upgrade for some time now, so yesterday (of all days) I decided to take it to Compusistemas so I could get 512 more RAM.
Some time ago I was trying to install Tiger, but it kept giving me an error. It had also been acting up (it was very slow and doing weird things), so after installing the RAM the technician was checking it and told me something strange was going on, and that I should fix it before it got worse.
The owner told me to bring the computer in today so they could check it, fix whatever was going on and install Tiger (FOR FREE!) from a G5 so I could get the extra features. The only thing involved was that I had to do a backup on all my stuff because they were going to reformat it and start from scratch.
To make a long story short, I got home and started working on the backup on my external drive when, lo and behold, it crashed. Needless to say, I went berserk. All my pics were in my computer, all my music was in my computer, all my emails were in my computer, all my software was in the computer, all my documents were in there, all my installers and serial codes were in the computer and they were going to erase it today. I FELT NAKED.
I went to bed at 3:00 a.m. burning some dvd's with the most important info, having to part with some stuff I really was going to miss.
I took the computer and the external drive both in today and told the guys that they had to save all the info in the drive, restore it back to normal working order and do the work on the iMac.
So far, I haven't heard from them, but I have my fingers crossed...


Francisco (Melvin) Rosario said...

Bracuta, no se como sobreviviste esta tragedia! Yo tambien tengo una iMac G4 flat panel y no se que haria si le pasara algo asi ... ya tengo el OS X Tiger instalado ... y me compre un harddrive aparte para tener toda mi musica, fotos y peliculas backed-up ... tambien tengo 512MB de RAM, pero creo que tengo que ponerle el gigabyte ...

Buena suerte con este drama!