Friday, July 22, 2005

The Pereyra-Risk take Ohio!

Since María Eugenia was up for her checkup (after having various setbacks this year), my brother an his family all went to Ohio. Fernandito, a friend of Memo's, and Gabriel, María Eugenia's boyfriend, tagged along for the ride.
From left to right: (starting with the first pink shirt) Sarah, my cousin Fausto's wife, Silvia, tía Milita, tío Guillermo, my brother Chachi, María Eugenia and Gabriel.

Not only did they go to the doctor's, they also visited my aunt (my mom's sister) and her family. My uncle and my cousin are the best dermatologists in the whole State of Ohio, so if you ever develop a rash or a ñáñara and are in the Ohio area, don't hesitate to visit them...
From left to right: María Eugenia (with her eyes closed), Gabriel, Memo, tía Milita, Fernandito, Sarah, Silvia, Chachi and Christina Emilia (Fausto's daughter).


Anonymous said...

EEEH lo mejore!! Son familia de Bracuta tienen que se lo mejore..
Que relajo!

Francisco (Melvin) Rosario said...

WOW! Dominicans in Ohio? Now I've seen everything! ;-)

Kiki A.Ortiz said...

jejejej bra..
pero todito como q salen tan lindos..posan bien si