Monday, July 18, 2005

Say what?

I was driving around the other day with a friend. We had nothing to do, so we bought a couple of beers and decided to cruise around the city. My friend lit up a cigarette (obligatory with alcohol) and we were just talking a bunch of nonsense and laughing at life.
We stopped at a traffic light and noticed that the guy in the car next to us was severely picking his nose. My guess was that he was trying to scratch his brain's central lobe and tried to do it via his nostrils. The thing is that after a while, he looked right at my friend and struck up a mini conversation:
Him: "That cigarette looks very tasty"
Her: "Yes it is."
Him: "I guess you know by now, but cigarettes actually do kill."
Her: "Yes, I know. By the way, did you actually get to catch that elusive booger that had climbed up to your brain?"
Thank God the light turned green, or things would've turned ugly...