Thursday, July 14, 2005

The worst of me

I got the idea after reading being jennifer garrett: Exercise's post. We all make a good job of selling ourselves out to the public, but we never ever really face the obscure parts of our personality. That's why I've decided to point out my 10 worst traits, exposing myself for the world to see. Here they come, in no particular order:

1. I'm lazy. Okay, I'm worse than lazy. If there's anything beyond lazy, I'm it. On the bright side, my laziness is directed towards physical work. I'd rather spend my day in bed watching some tv or playing on the computer rather than getting off my fat behind and doing some exercise. I hate walking, I hate exercising.

2. I'm overtly sensitive and I don't handle criticism very well. You say something bad about me and I start to cry. You say something to help (constructive criticism) me and I immediately take it as an offense and start to cry, maybe not in front of you, but you can bet that as soon as I get home I cry myself a river. This has made me protect myself inside my little shell, which brings us to the next point:

3. I'm emotionally unavailable. Believe it or not, I've had very bad romantic experiences in my life. Specifically, 2 men have scarred me beyond repair, and all the other men that have come into my life have had to pay the price for the mistakes made by those 2 men. Getting to really know me is very hard, if not impossible in a romantic way, and I must say that only those 2 aforementioned men have really been able to enter my little inner circle, and since they took advantage of my feelings, I promised myself that no one would ever get so close to me that they would have a priviledged position that would enable them to have control over my feelings. If I'm going out with someone and I feel that I might actually take a liking to them, I will immediately break things off or do something to push that man away from me. Sometimes I feel very lonely because of that, but then I think of all the suffering my ex boyfriends put me through, and I'd rather have no serious relationships than to go through that again. Nevertheless, I'm sure God has someone very good coming my way, I just have to give him the chance...

4. I don't share. I'm like Joey (Joey doesn't share food!), but not so anal. I mean, of course I share, but I hate it when people take advantage of my sharing. This is something I've managed to fix over time, I'm much more sharing now, but... NEVER MESS WITH MY FOOD!

5. I'm a drama queen. Yes, I thrive on drama. The thing is, I take things so seriously, I sometimes tend to overreact.

6. Sometimes I am a control freak. Well, not sometimes, most of the times. But only with myself. I need to be in control of my life and what I do, hence I ALWAYS need to drive myself to places. Hey, who knows what happens and I wanna leave early? Then I only need to hop in my car and problem solved. I like to do things the way I want to do them, and if someone tries to tell me any different, there will be heel to pay.

7. I'm very, extremely disorganized. On the bright side, I know my way around my mess.

8. I forgive but I certainly don't forget. Sometimes I hold grudges, but not for long. Plus, eventhough I never forget, I will never remind you of the bad things you did to me. And I give people a bunch of chances to redeem themselves... but I never forget.

9. I tend to give too much of myself. If you get to me, friendwise speaking, I will give you my 200%, and it hurts like hell when people take advantage of that. And since this world is full of mean people, I get hurt all of the time.

10. I'm extremely shy. I'm so shy it hurts. Sometimes people think I'm a snob or something like that, but the truth is my shyness kills the best of me.


annush said... are freakishly shy...why is that??

and you know what? i don't think that most of the traits you listed there are even that bad. I'm sure you have worse :P

Bracuta said...

Gee.. I dunno.. lemme think.. maybe 'cause I'M A FREAK????
Well, I don't know if I have worse traits, maybe I do, but they belong to my dark side...