Monday, August 01, 2005

Go Get An Ashhole : Gizmodo

I was just doing my daily reading of Gizmodo (an online guide for geeks that like gadgets, like me) when suddenly this image pops in my screen:

Presidente on Gizmodo! Woo hoo! We've gone really far!

This contraption was made for people who use beer botles as ashtrays when they are finished with them, which reminds me of a funny story:
I was in charge of Cerise's bachelorette party. Mind you, I am a very good bachelorette party organizer (you can ask Junior, he will surely remember this one), and we were all drinking and having fun. The designated party HQ was an empty locale loaned to us by a friend, so there was nothing in there but alcohol, cigarettes, alcohol, photos of naked men, alcohol, naked men, alchocol, lots of fun toys, alcohol and all the things related to these types of parties. We were all smoking and, as I mentioned before, drinking (emphasize on the drinking), but there were no ashtrays around and we didn't want to throw the cigarette butts on the floor, so we were using empty beer cans as ashtrays. Now, there were A LOT of empty beer cans around (did I mention we were drinking?), as well as some that were still being used, but there was no way of telling one from the other. I was talking to a friend and next to us were a bunch of cans, and there was one in particular that was being used as the ashtray, when Claudia came by and put her can right beside the ashtray. We were talking and having fun when Claudia decided she wanted a sip of beer. We all looked at her while she made this horrible face while swallowing, and this was the conversation that followed:
Claudia: (drunkenly) "Gee, this beer sure tastes weird..."
Me: (even more drunkenly) "Which one? The ashtray?"
This gadget will be very helpful in my group....

Image and Ashhole info taken from Gizmodo.