Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Welcome to the neighborhood...

When I arrived at work after lunch, I saw I had received a message from F. Now, I have a friend called F who sometimes bugs the hell out of me. He gets pissed at me when he sends me messages (we are talking via messenger here) and I don’t reply to them. What he doesn’t take into consideration is that it always happens when I have an “away” sign on. I’ve spoken about this before: I don’t know about other people, but whenever I appear “away” or “busy” or anything else in messenger, I really mean it, yet he apparently has visions problems or he wants (as usual) to start a fight with me on little, stupid things.
So anyways, back to yesterday. When the person that left me the message logged back on and spoke to me again, I immediately lashed back at him: “you seem to have problems with your vision. You left me a message at noon while I was “out to lunch””. He replied that he knew that I wasn’t there and he just wanted to leave a “hi” to me.
All through the conversation I have to say I wasn’t the nicest of people due to the fact that I thought I was speaking to my friend F and he has that magic of getting on my nerves just by the mere mention of his name. After a while, while the conversation progressed, I saw the email address on the conversation window and came to realize that this wasn’t my friend F but a new friend F (let’s call him F2 for the sake of this post). OMG! MIERDA! You can’t believe how ashamed I was! I told the poor guy about my confusion and repeatedly apologized for the way I had been treating him.
So I kept on talking with F2 (I was being my usual nice self now). A few minutes later he mentioned something about someplace I had been on Sunday. I was confused and I asked him how he knew that. Now, I had met some people on Sunday, but honestly I didn’t pay much attention to the fact (there were more important matters to tend to). I think he was laughing when he asked me if I still hadn’t placed him. Dear God! I had met him on Sunday! He had even asked me for my phone number (he was with his gf and he only asked me because it was a business related thing, mal pensados….). Double the shame on me! Maybe it was because it was actually way past work time (I should’ve been home for hours then, yet I was still working), but I certainly didn’t place him nor did I remotely think the person I had met on Sunday and the person I was talking to yesterday were one and the same (do you know how many guys called F there are in this world?).
So anyways (and this is turning out to be a very long post, but it’s worth it…), we kept on talking and he asked me about a pic I had posted on Arenoso. To all you nosy people out there, he wanted to know if I had taken it from my house and if I lived on P. So apparently F2 and I were actually neighbors as well!
Just before ending our conversation (he had to leave for dinner at his gf’s), he sent me this pic:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Well, I guess we really are neighbors after all.
Later, after I had gotten home from work (in the wee hours of the night), we spoke again and we signaled each other using our very potent flashlights, from one building to another. It was so much fun!!!!
So I guess I have a new friend in the neighborhood….


Anonymous said...

que sweet!!!!! what a cute story!..