Monday, September 26, 2005

I could get used to this...

I have always said that I find it very unfair that we have to work 5 days a week and only get to rest 2 days. In my case, I only get to rest (if I do) on Sundays.
See, here’s the deal. I work my tushy off during the week. Even when I get home to rest after a long day at work my parents usually have something for me to do, so I end up with a couple of hours to myself, which I dedicate to eating, bathing and watching my series on TV. On Saturdays I usually wake up and go to the salon and do all the things I couldn’t do on the week. Then my siblings and their families come over and all that. On Sundays my mom insists on interrupting my sleep so that we can go out for lunch, so I basically don’t get to do much resting as I would like to. And let’s not forget I do have a social life so I also go out and hang with my friends as well. This weekend, though, was special…
My parents went to Bávaro for the weekend with a group of friends. They invited me to go, but they were leaving Friday morning and I had to go to work. Furthermore, Saturday was Día de las Mercedes (a Catholic holiday) so everything was closed.
Friday afternoon I left work with such immense happiness. Now, I love my parents, but the thought of not having anyone around me asking to do stuff was just out of this world.
I had forgotten that my brother Fabio for some reason unknown to myself (I told my dad off when I found out), still has keys to our house (he's been married for some 10 years now). He had gone in and taken the newspaper with him. Now, I had strict orders from my mom to save all the newspapers for her and knowing Fabio’s MO, he was going to take it with him and never return it, so I had to bug him until he finally did. I was just in the threshold of catching some zzz’s when he stormed in my room with the newspaper. I promised myself this was not going to happen again.
Saturday morning I woke up at around 7 because I had to let Carmen and Antonia in. I went back to sleep and at around noon I crossed the street to my sister’s in order to see her new bed. After that I went to get some lunch (drive-thru’s rock!), went back home, said goodbye to Carmen and Antonia and LOCKED MYSELF inside.
I heard the phones ringing in the distance, but I had programmed my body not to answer the call of technology. Hell, I didn’t even go near my computer! I picked up some calls from my parents, watched a bunch of TV, cuddled with Bomba, ate, went to the bathroom, took several showers, changed pj’s and went back to sleep.
Sunday was even better! Since I didn’t have to let anyone in, I slept until way past noon. I took a shower and decided to buy lunch/dinner (Chinese and Japanese) at the same time ‘cause I didn’t want to leave the house twice. I cuddled with Dax, ate, watched TV, slept… PARADISE! Early evening I received a phone call from inside the apartment. Fabio had let himself in again without warning, but OH SURPRISE! I had locked the door to the hallway so there was no way for him to go into the bedrooms. JA! ¿CÓMO TE QUEDÓ EL OJO?
Finally my parents returned and I had to pick them up. They immediately started asking for things so I realized my weekend was over.
Highlights of my weekend: I saw a few movies I hadn’t seen, among which I can mention Against the Ropes and Funny Face (I love Audrey Hepburn). I also saw 2 biographical made-for-TV movies (Audrey Hepburn's and Liz Taylor’s). I also saw some movies I had already seen (Private Benjamin, Tequila Sunrise and Titanic among them). Then I saw the season premieres of Charmed, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy (it was either Charmed or Cold Case, so I chose the first).
I tell you, I could really get used to this...


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