Monday, September 12, 2005

Living La Vida Loca

I was talking to a friend this week about the strange things we’ve seen in our life. He told me about this experience he’d had hanging out with our group of friends and how he thought our lifestyle resembled something coming out from "Melrose Place" or one of those TV dramas. This came because of an experience he had recently lived at a friend’s place, where I was also present, and which he begged me to comment on.
Some time ago we were at a friend’s, enjoying a Saturday afternoon in a Jacuzzi and with lots of alcohol flowing (which seems to be the common denominator when we get together to unwind). Late in the afternoon, or better yet, early in the evening, there were only 6 of us left, and a couple of our friends were kinda wasted (one of them had been drinking since early in the morning). It suddenly started to rain and 4 of us (M, N, B and me) got out of the Jacuzzi and went inside the gazebo (because we didn’t want to get wet… go figure), while the other 2 stayed in the jacuzzi (G and D). B had a full view of the Jacuzzi and suddenly I started to notice his eyes were fixed at the Jacuzzi and he had suddenly stopped talking. A weird look was showing up on his face so I looked sideways at the Jacuzzi and saw G’s back turned at us and D’s legs up in the air. No one had to tell me what was happening (does anyone need an explanation?), but since B was new to the group he wasn’t used to seeing these things. He looked at me in amazement and I told him “yes, don’t look, just let them be…” He still couldn’t believe his eyes and M and N noticed something was happening as well so they all looked back at the Jacuzzi. An “oh my God, they are crazy” was in the air, but none of us girls were amazed, so we just continued with our conversation. B couldn’t keep his eyes away from the x-rated movie that was taking place less than 5 meters away from us, so I tried to take his mind away from it.
We started commenting on what was happening when we heard some movement. G still had his back at us, but D was now facing him. The continuous movement of water splashing at a steady beat, a little moan from D and their bodies going up and down in unison were a true statement of what was really going on over there. B couldn’t be more freaked out (he was new to the group back then), even more because we were taking things so lightly. After a few minutes (it was apparently a quickie), and some moans later, D came out of the water towards us while G walked into the nearby bathroom. We acted as if nothing had been happening while they gathered their things, said their goodbyes and left with a promise from D to get together with us later that night since we already had plans. It was up to me later to get in the water and open the water disposal thingie because OBVIOULSY none of us wanted to get back in that sex-stricken water.
It is sad how these things happen and we take them as granted. Sad was that G and D were just friends and G’s wife was pregnant at the time. Even sadder, if possible, was they had obviously not used any protection in the water. And we are not only talking about an unplanned pregnancy involving 2 strangers (they were friends, but not close), 1 of them being married and having a family of his own, but the possibility of any disease being transmitted between them or between G and his wife, who was at home taking care of their other baby as well.
A few pointers. First of all, don’t cheat. If you marry someone, do it because you want to be with that person and only that person for the rest of your life. If you’re definitely going to cheat on your husband or wife because you have such a pea-sized brain, don’t do it in front of your friends, who also happen to know your husband or wife. Furthermore, ALWAYS USE PROTECTION. Diseases can’t be seen in people’s faces. That person might look cute and healthy, but if he/she is willing to have unprotected sex with you, there is a big chance he/she had unprotected sex with someone else and so on. And please, don’t try to cover your inner insecurities and/or emptiness by having this type of sex. Sure, you’ll have a good time while doing it, but the aftermath will be much worse than before you did it.


Anonymous said...

Espero que nada haya pasado despues de esta aventura. Excusame, puede ser tu amigo, pero que asqueroso es.

Bracuta said...

Qué te digo? La culpa no fue sólo de él, ella también formó parte de la acción. Lo peor es que los casos de sexo sin protección son más comunes que lo que creemos. Parece que la gente no ve la televisión ni lee las noticias. Pero, como ya todos somos grandes y sabemos lo que hacemos, allá ellos. Como dice el dicho, al que por su gusto muere, hasta la muerte le sabe a gloria.

Anonymous said...

Brcuta, me vas a excusar sin en algo te ofende mi comentario.
Pero tu amigo es un sucio, y ella una perrita.
Mira que dar semejante show delante de otros.
Los leathers por lo menos cobran por eso.
Ella, al parecer, lo hizo de gratis.

Pobre esposa! Espero y ese descarado no la infecte uno de estos dias. :(