Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What the…?

This week is series premiere week on TV, so you can imagine how excited I’m feeling.
Last night I got home just in time to watch the premiere of CSI: Miami (Medium was premiering at the same hour as well, but since I need to active local channels in my DirecTV receiver I couldn’t see it and I didn’t feel good so I couldn’t go to the study to watch CSI: Miami while recording Medium in my room).
While on the commercial break, I was browsing channels (it had been a while since I had last checked on Telecable’s programming, aside from my geeks channels). SO here I was: Channel 50, CBS, check. Channel 49, NBC, check. Channel 48, BBC, ch…. WAIT! BBC? WHERE THE HELL IS ABC? HELLO?????
So what is going on here? No ABC? No Alias? No Desperate Housewives? No Grey’s Anatomy? No Lost?
Some might say that maybe one can only wait until Sony Entertainment Television shows them… in November. NOVEMBER!!!! ARE YOU F-ING NUTS?
Who was the one with the bright idea? Kudos to you, A-Hole!
So apparently ABC is now on channel 77... I'll check as soon as I get home...


Anonymous said...

Don't Panic
Ahora ABC está en el canal 77.

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