Friday, November 18, 2005

10 Things I Hate About You

  1. The way you treated me in the end. You made me feel worse the crap. In every sense.
  2. The way you made me doubt myself, on a personal and professional level. The way that hurt me so much that still today I haven’t completely recovered from it.
  3. Your “Energizer’ complex. You never learned to let things go. You always kept on going and going and going whenever we had a fight or a difference of opinion. It was your way or the highway.
  4. The way you got violent some times.
  5. The way you disrespected me.
  6. The way you stalked me.
  7. Hoy you made yourself the center of my world and pushed everybody away, leaving me completely alone.
  8. The way you want to know every little detail about my life, even the personal and private ones, when you don’t have the right nor the privilege to, and then you want to make me feel guilty when I don’t let you know what you want to know. I guess you still think you have control over me.
  9. The way you want to try to be a player with me, when you should really know I don’t have those types of feelings for you anymore. You just don’t “do it” to me no more. Not in the slightest. And then you want to say things that you think will hurt me but which really have no impact on me because I DON'T CARE.
  10. The way you’re so selfish regarding our friendship. The way you call and try to make it seem like you’re being nice and attentive, yet you only want to talk about yourself, yourself, yourself. You drain my energy. When you don’t need my help you’re never around. When you want to throw in my face how good you’re doing with no regards whatsoever about me.


Kiki A.Ortiz said...


no tengo q decir nada,cuando se ven sentados en el medio de una sopa de m**r*a

Anonymous said...

Nice post,touching...
Made me think that was probably me on the other end of you at one point, so long ago, maybe even now at times. Los hombres podemos ser tan egoistas, inseguros, azarosos cuando queremos.
Anyways, I'm sorry con excuse me.