Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hellos from Miami!

Just a minute to tell you guys I've had so much fun at Miami! I'm just about to go to the concert and we're all psyched, specially 'cause my friend Winch is going to pop "The Question" to Loli in the middle of "With or Without You" at the concert! All of us who know are so nervous! Will she say yes or no?
I'll tell you guys all about it (and post all the pics) tomorrow when I get home.
BTW, I got my new iPod Video and iBook today!
So much to tell, so little time!
Gotta run, Bono and a ring are waiting for me!


Anonymous said...

sooo what happened? im here like i know u guys, but ive been followin the post so now im all excited about it, jajaja...di di di!!

G. said...

What's up Bracuta,
Welcome to Florida.
How long will you be here?

Anonymous said...

Yes please share the pictures and stories Bracuta!!!
I'm dying to know what happened!! hehe