Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Las Chicas de la Tiradentes

So last month has been hell at work. I was talking with Annush last night at work (see, I have no life!), and we decided I had to go out and have a drink. She asked if I didn’t mind if she called Libélula and ask her to hang out with us, and I told her I wouldn’t mind (Libélula is cool and I like cool people). We decided to go to Steak House and when we arrived there Libélula was already waiting for us with her friend Annina.
As soon as I sat down Annina mentioned she’d met me before at John Digweed’s party at Guácara Taína a couple of years ago via a mutual friend. She striked me as a cool person as well, so we immediately started having fun. One of us was having boy trouble (I won’t say who), so we gave her moral support and bonded together in an anti-boy song (Alanis Morisette’s "You Oughta Know">). After that, it was all fun and games.
It had been a while since I’d had so much fun talking bs. We covered themes I didn’t think I would ever talk about with strangers (I had only met Libélula once before and had just met Annina), but it felt good to talk without reserve and have people understand what you were saying. We drank, we smoked, we ate, we sang, we planned trips, we bitched about boys… the ultimate girl’s night out!
Among the things we spoke about we mentioned Tomas’ blog. Apparently Libélula had become friends with him and had his phone number, so we decided we should call him and give him the surprise. The dude was in class when I called and he was all kinds of surprised: "Aló, si buenas con Tomás por favor." "Si, quién habla?" "You are not going to believe who this is… it’s Bracuta, your girlfriend!" I wish I would’ve been there to see the look on his face! We all said hi to him and after hanging up laughed about our craziness.
Around 11 pm the girls were kinda cold (the ac was very good last night at Steak), so we asked for the check and headed back home. I had driven 2 blocks when Annush got a call from Libélula telling us that Annina had, not one, but 2 flat tires, so we headed back to where they were (Tiradentes con Gustavo, in front of where Dunkin Donuts used to be), and there the fun really started.
Annina called her best friend (Jose something) for help. He came by and immediately changed the tires. He was going to go get them fixed at those gomeros that are open 24/7 over at Avenida Independencia. As soon as he got there we started having fun. One of the girls said out loud that he was cute (thank God he didn’t hear that), but we were disappointed to learn he had a girlfriend. As soon as he left we were stranded by ourselves close to midnight on the street. As you can imagine, it was a very dangerous situation (taken that crime these days in the city is at an all-time high), so I took out my stun gun (yes, I do have a stun gun, so don’t even think about messing with me). We turned the radio on in my SUV, with Annush’s iPod, and started singing and dancing. LITERALLY SINGING AND DANCING (I wasn’t though, I was on the lookout for trouble). Just picture this: 4 hot girls dancing and singing like crazy on the street at that hour on a Tuesday night! These girls were bouncing all over the place! It was hilarious! At one moment, Annina took out a drum she had in the backseat and we started playing as if we were professional drummers! Too bad Jose’s girlfriend’s grandma lived nearby and we had to keep the noise down...
We discovered that all 30 gentlemen are still at Santiago because cars went by and no one asked if we needed help. Well, some guys driving an X5 BMW stopped and then other guys on a Mercedes Benz tried to as well, but we brushed them off. No one was going to stop our fun!
Finally, at around 1 am Jose came back with the tires and put them back on. With that, we said our goodbyes and headed home for some rest.
I had so much fun I didn’t even mind today there was going to be hell to pay for going to bed at 2 in the morning! We should do this more often (aside from the flats thingie).
Here are some pics of last night's adventure...

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From left to right: Annina, Libélula, Annush & me.

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This one's for you, Tomas!

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Libélula, Annush & Annina

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One of the flats

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Libélula and Ana spreading the love...

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Playing the drums with cute guy with a girlfriend...

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Libélula took off her shoes...

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Annush & Libélula, resting from all the jumping...


Libélula said...

Last night was awesome sweetie!!! Thanx for showing me such a good time!!!

Bracuta said...

No need to thank me darling, I had a great time hanging out with you guys! Espero que se repita!

Anonymous said...

jajaja that sounded like fun, too bad cute guy had a girl thou, still he WAS cute! lol