Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sometimes I wish I could clone myself...

I really haven't been able to complete rest from last weekend. And apparently I won't be able to.
Yesterday was Kika's B-day, so I went to her place and went to bed at around 2 am (hell to wake up this morning). Today there's this party with local groups from the 90's (my cousin sings in one of them, so I can't miss it). At the same time, my parents invited my aunt & uncle, who are visiting from Ohio, to have dinner together (I have to go 'cause they are leaving tomorrow and I haven't spent any time with them). Also, my sister in law is throwing a dinner for her nephew who's also here visiting from Miami (no one from my side of the family is going, so I do have to go). Not only that, but on Thursdays I have this conference I have to attend up until 9:30 pm (I can't not go, my boss also goes). And I shall not forget tonight is series night (I'll die without my series). Tough one!
Tomorrow I have to go to the big bloggers reunion at Parkeo Bar.
Saturday I may to have to have lunch with a friend visiting from NJ. Aside from that, I just received an email inviting me to my school's Field Day. At night, there's this Alanis tribute concert I wanna go to.
Y todavía no he podido fiebrar my iPod Video y mi iBook!
What do you think: cloning or teletransporting?