Thursday, December 08, 2005

I need some input from my readers...

Between shivering from the fever (I have a cold and a sore throat) and analyzing some quite complicated contracts, a questions popped into my head:
What's the difference between a geek and a nerd?
Annush told me that "nerds have pocket protectors and wear their pants under their armpit" and "geeks are exactely the same as nerds but no pocket protectors and their pants are a little lower."
Anyone care to share?


annush said...

hahahaha...i can't believe you quoted me on that one!

Anonymous said...

el link que tienes a la pagina de las aguilas tiene un tigre humillando a una aguilita, haz algo rapidoo:s

Bracuta said...

Annush: Hmmmmm... yeah, I guess I forgot to tell you that between all the seasong name-calling... (inside joke, she knows what I mean).
Anonymous: Claro, porque tienen que recurrir a hackear la página para creerse ganadores!

Macaruchi said...

Bueno, a mi entender, un nerd es una persona que por lo general es muy estudioso, saca buenas notas, siempre esta alante en cuanto lo academico.

En cambio el geek es una persona que le apasiona DEMASIADO un tema o un hobby, por ejemplo, un geek de computadoras no es lo mismo que un nerd de computadoras, pues el nerd es un genio con computadoras, mientras que al geek solamente le fascinan las computadoras, pero no significa que sepa lo suficiente.

Otro ejemplo de geek es un science fiction geek, o un game geek, etc.

Espero que sirva de algo :P

Anonymous said...

Yep! I'm with macaruchi(love jet marte). The nerd is the one with the facts, always calculating(sp) and such. Where the geek is just passionate about stuff, usually they are nerdy but not enough.